Discolored or stained teeth may affect your confidence. While over-the counter whitening strips and whitening toothpaste help remove surface stains to whiten teeth, you typically do not see immediate results. The BriteSmile® Whitening System provides a fast, safe and gentle way to restore your teeth’s natural color by up to 14 shades in one hour. That new brighter smile will have you showing your “pearly whites.” 

Is BriteSmile® right for me?

If you have healthy, non-sensitive teeth and gums, you are a good candidate for this whitening system. If you have gum disease, thin gum tissue, sensitive teeth or thinning teeth, this may not be a good option for you. In addition, if you have deep natural stains on your teeth, you should carefully consider this option. If you have gum disease, your dentist will need to treat that prior to applying the whitening gel. Your dentist will best assess if this procedure will work for you.

What types of stains does BriteSmile® work on?

BriteSmile® may alleviate:

  • Stains caused by tobacco
  • Stains caused by strong acidic foods and drinks (e.g., coffee)
  • Yellowing teeth caused by aging
  • Graying teeth typically caused by hereditary
  • Organic stains on the teeth

Does this procedure take place in a dental office?

That is up to the patient. If you opt to have the procedure at your dental office, it takes an hour. However, if you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, your dentist provides the toothpaste, dental trays and a less concentrated form of the gel. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to use this method to whiten your teeth at home. 

How does BriteSmile® work?

BriteSmile® works best on clean, healthy teeth. Your dentist will likely recommend a cleaning prior to whitening your teeth to remove food particles, plaque and tarter. In addition, your dentist will examine your teeth for decay, inflammation or fractures.

The BriteSmile® gel is applied at three, twenty-minute intervals. Below is the process:

  • The dentist places a retractor to fully expose your teeth.
  • The dentist places a hardening resin to the gums to prevent bleeding and irritation.
  • The dentist applies the gel and blue light to your teeth for twenty minutes.
  • The dentist checks your progress.
  • The dentist removes the old gel and applies the next round of gel for twenty minutes.
  • Once again, the dentist removes the gel and places the final application for twenty minutes.
  • Once your gel treatment is complete, the dentist removes the reactor.
  • You rinse your mouth and the dentist measures your new tooth color. You may notice that your teeth look very white after treatment because of mild dehydration. You will notice your new color in approximately 48 hours after your teeth have rehydrated.

Will BriteSmile® cause discomfort?

Discomfort is unlikely to occur because the gel only contains a 15 to 20 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This is less than comparable brands as they typically contain a 35 to 50 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. A higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide dehydrates teeth and may cause them to become hypersensitive. In contrast, BriteSmile® gel balances water and glycerin to keep your teeth hydrated. 

What are the advantages of using BriteSmile®?

BriteSmile® has several advantages. Those advantages include:

  • The dentist does not have to activate the gel with lasers or heat. This prevents radiation from entering your body. 
  • BriteSmile® uniformly bleaches teeth.
  • BriteSmile® does not create hypersensitive lips, gums or soft tissue.
  • The gel has more viscosity. This keeps your teeth moist and prevents them from dehydrating. This leads to longer-lasting results.

Will my results last?

Yes! BriteSmile® is a long-lasting whitening treatment. However, stains could rapidly reappear in patients who use tobacco products.

Your dentist will provide additional information and answer any questions you have regarding this system.

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