Dr.Soojin Kim a proud FASTBRACESĀ® provider: braces technology that is fast, safe and affordable. FASTBRACESĀ® Technologies, a true American original, is celebrating its quarter of a century anniversary of helping dentists straighten teeth now in almost 50 countries. Teeth are … Continued

Traditional Braces

Most people have considered getting braces and improving their smiles some time in their lives. Braces can improve your appearance and improve your dento-facial health. Orthodontics includes the repositioning of your teeth with continual, light forces. Dentists attach specialized brackets … Continued


  How much do ClearCorrect aligners cost? Each doctor sets their own fees. The cost to patients is generally comparable to other orthodontic options, ranging from around $2,000 to $8,000 USD, depending on the complexity of treatment, your location, and … Continued